Carter Winter and Toad talk about music, traveling, a best friend in Vegas for the first time opening the show at Stoney’s! Stoney’s and Las Vegas got to meet Anthony Mosberg.

Where does Carter like to write, record and what’s ahead of him.
Living in Columbus, favorite places to play on the road. Learning to love being the headliner vs the opener.

Fitting every bit the part of the man in black, Carter Winter is country music’s modern traditionalist. Singing heartfelt and relatable songs landscaping heartbreak and the American dream poured over ice, the singer/songwriter from rural Ohio has seen firsthand the effects of connecting with an audience through a fresh sound that like Carter himself, is surprisingly familiar, yet raw and honest. From behind his guitar and sleeves of tattoos, Carter began playing local bars around his hometown and quickly grew an incredible fan base of loyal listeners from California to the Carolinas. First well-known for his cover songs of artists that inspired him early on (Garth Brooks, George Strait), Carter’s ability to take three chords and his own truth and deliver a compelling live performance has contributed to the incredible success of Some Kind of Fire, his first independent six-song release.

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Get to know Anthony Mosberg

What followed over the next four years was a series of accolades, achievements, risks, near-misses, and setbacks that indefinitely shaped him as an artist and a person. With several bootstrap tours and three independent albums under his belt, Anthony is now living in Columbus, Ohio, and is headlining shows around the country. His breakthrough song, “Whiskey and Wine”, introduced a new sound to his avid fanbase, and shed a light into his evolution as an artist. The hard work and risks didn’t go unnoticed. Early in 2015, the song broke into the Top 10 on coveted iTunes Singer/Songwriter category.

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